Wheelström’s Friend of the Month – Edita Renlund a.k.a. Foodjunkie

Sarah Brunow | augusti 22, 2018 | Interviews My Wheelström
Wheelström sähköpyörä elcykel electric bike Edita Renlund Foodjunkie

The Swedish blogger Edita Renlund, also known as Foodjunkie, is a proud owner of a Wheelström e-bike, so naturally we wanted to feature her on Electric Feels. When she’s not busy cruising down the streets of Stockholm she’s often found in her kitchen, so we really recommend that you also check out her blog for some food inspiration – I mean how delicious doesn’t this cheese dip look!? Just saying…

Edita – you’ve had a Wheelström e-bike since this spring, tell us why you like e-biking so much?

Edita: “First of all, I’m in love with my new e-bike! My bike has such neat details, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments for it ! But besides that it’s very comfortable to ride. I can run all my errands downtown in an environmentally friendly way, and I never have to look for a parking spot. It just makes life so much more convenient.”

Do you have a favorite destination to bike too with your e-bike?

Edita: “My favorite thing to do with my e-bike is to pick up my daughter from preschool, and then ride out to Rosendahls trädgård at Djurgården. It’s a perfect spot for a cozy afternoon.”

Can you recommend our readers your favorite lunch spots in Stockholm?

Edita: “I love Mahalo and Pom & Flora at Odengatan in Vasastan, and then I also really like this small cute place called Doktor mat.”

Then one last question to help us to get to know you better – what’s the weirdest thing you have in your fridge?

Edita: “I’m pretty sure my energy shots made of grapefruit, ginseng, caffeine and vitamin B12 would classify as weird. But most importantly I make sure to always have some oat milk, dates, and cold champagne in my fridge.”

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