Wheelström’s Friends’ of the Month: Joonas Laurila & Hanna Gullichsen

Sarah Brunow | November 1, 2018 | Interviews My Wheelström

A team Wheelström truly admires are runner Joonas Laurila, and his wife, food influencer and cook Hanna Gullichsen. These two really seem to be able to juggle it all – Hanna just released a new cook book, they run a blog and a podcast, and make family life with three small boys seem easy.

Joonas and Hanna borrowed a Wheelström cargo e-bike for the summer, in hopes of making life in the city more convenient. We asked Joonas to share his tips on how to get the most out of the bike, and give some insight into what everyday life with a cargo e-bike looks like.

You’ve borrowed a Wheelström Gran Amigo e-bike for the summer, what do you think are the biggest benefits of a cargo e-bike?

Joonas: In addition to my wife Hanna and I, we have three boys, so getting around has been so much easier despite the heavy load, thanks to the electric assistance. There’s no need to worry about getting all sweaty, if you for example go out for dinner with the whole family. I’ve also noticed that the cargo bike has made my work days smoother. For instance, I’ve been able to transport the book orders from our publisher to the post office, and still been able to arrive fresh for meetings right afterwards.

What’s your favorite biking destination?

Joonas: I love biking along the coast of Helsinki. The biking roads are great, and there is a lot to see, so it’s nice to stop on the way and grab a bite somewhere, or just enjoy the beauty of this world. Going for a picnic in one of the parks in Helsinki is also a great way to spend a sunny weekend.

What are your best tips for a bike outing with kids?

Joonas: As you can conveniently fit a lot of stuff in the cargo e-bike, remember to bring entertainment for the children in case they won’t enjoy the scenery as much as you do. It’s also good to remember to bring enough clothes, even in the summer it might get chilly, especially on longer rides.

Also keep in mind, that you’re carrying the most valuable content of all when you’re out biking with your kids, so leave your hurries and worries at home, and focus on keeping a suitable speed and your eyes on the road.

What’s your weirdest talent?

Joonas: I can’t think of anything quickly, besides the fact that my sense of direction is somewhat incredible.

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