Wheelström’s Friend of the Month: Jeanette “Peppe” Öhman

Sarah Brunow | January 31, 2019 | Interviews My Wheelström

We’re happy to feature a true power woman, Jeanette “Peppe” Öhman, on Electric Feels. Peppe is a Los Angeles based journalist/writer/blogger/podcaster/you name it. We have to admit that her life looks quite dreamy, and that we might sometimes feel a small sting of jealousy here at our Wheelström office, when we scroll through her picture perfect Instagram-feed (we know, we know, Instagram isn’t real life, but still…)

Peppe and her husband Magnus exchanged the hills of Los Angeles for the streets of Stockholm last summer, and got to borrow a convenient Wheelström e-bike from us to cruise around with.

Peppe, you and your husband e-biked around Stockholm with a Wheelström last summer, what was it like?

Peppe: It was wonderful to whiz around Stockholm on an e-bike. Especially since last summer was hotter than ever, and walking or taking the bus was an incredibly sweaty experience.

What was the best part about e-biking?

Peppe: No doubt getting around so quickly and easily, without breaking a sweat. My husband Magnus works at Nyhetsmorgon (a Swedish morning TV show) and would probably have had to shower when he got to the studio, if it wouldn’t have been for the e-bike. I myself enjoyed riding down to Brunnsviken for an evening dip.

You live in Los Angeles at the moment, what’s the weirdest thing about living in L.A. as a Scandinavian?

Peppe: The lack of public transportation. The best part is that people are so friendly and cheerful.

Which celebrity would you like to grab dinner with? Why?

Peppe: Madonna! Not only is she incredibly inspiring because of her courage, style and creativity, but she’s also a horse lover just like me.

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