Wheelström’s friend of the month – Amanda Sundell

Sarah Brunow | juli 2, 2018 | Interviews My Wheelström
Wheelström DROPP sähköpyörä elcykel e-bike

At Wheelström we’re big fans of cool people doing cool things (especially if they love e-biking), and that’s why we’d like to feature a bright star on our blog every once in a while. This time we had the pleasure of doing a short interview with Amanda Sundell, the clever founder of the social enterprise DROPP water (Speaking of DROPP, have you already noticed our fun ”Bike for the Baltic Sea” co-lab?).

Amanda, what do you think are the true benefits of e-biking?

Amanda: “I love all biking and I’d like to think that e-bikes will transform urban mobility as they make it easy to stick to the bike even for longer trips, and the times when you have a bit more stuff to lug around.”  

What’s your favorite place to bike to?

Amanda: “Biking along the coast in Helsinki always makes me happy.” 

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be?

Amanda: “I’m fascinated by sea birds and would love to be an eagle for a summer – imagine the perspective and views!”

Where do we, in your opinion, find the best swimming spots along the Baltic Sea?

Amanda: “The best spots are the secret ones where you can go skinny dipping with friends. But I also make sure to visit Segelskär at least once every summer for a cold swim in the outer rims of the Tvärminne archipelago.”

A big thanks to Amanda, we’ll be back soon with more stories from inspiring friends of Wheelström!

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