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Sarah Brunow | april 19, 2018 | My Wheelström
Wheelström sähköpyörä elcykel e-bike kaveri Adry

Are you riding the e-biking trend already? Or are you interested in hopping in the saddle? Here we will share our best e-biking tips, our latest news and our fast and exciting experiences on the road – and hopefully get you inspired!

A Wheelström e-bike is way more than just a fun way to travel in style. Imagine always arriving fresh and relaxed at the office, skipping the hassle of finding a parking spot, and on top of that not spending any money on gas or bus tickets. Sounds pretty sweet right?

Wheelström is a Finnish e-bike company, founded by two sisters in early 2017. Our mission is to make low-emission transport an affordable and easy option for everyone. Our bikes are laidback and fun-to-ride, and will take you from office to after work and home again in no time.

As one happy customer put it “It felt like I was flying”, and who can say no to that feeling? So time to buckle up your helmet, and join the joyride!

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