Frequently Asked Questions



What’s an e-bike?

An e-bike, short for electric bike, is a bike with an integrated electric motor, that assists you while biking. There’s a sensor by the pedals, that monitors the movement of the pedals. Once you start biking, the control unit will start the motor.

In our Wheelström e-bikes the motor is placed in the front wheel, and the battery is on the rear rack, so that the weight of the bike is balanced.

The electric assistance only works while you’re pedaling. If the assistance wouldn’t require pedaling, the bike would not be classified as an electric bike anymore, and would require a separate insurance. Regular e-bikes, like our Wheelström e-bikes, don’t require any additional measures or special permissions.

You decide the level of assistance yourself, and adjust it according to biking conditions, and your form of the day. The electric motor makes it easier to choose your bike as a means of transport more often, even when the distance is longer.

Who should get an e-bike?

An electric bike is suitable for anyone. It’s a fun, quick and easy way to get around. An e-bike is perfect for both commuting and for general biking. You can effortlessly bike longer distances, and this makes an e-bike a great substitute for a car or public transportation.

Can I try out your e-bikes?

Yes, you can try out our e-bikes, and that doesn’t require you to buy a bike. Our electric bikes are available for test-rides at our Guideshop on Kapteeninkatu 9 D in Helsinki. You can book a test-ride through our test-ride calendar.

We also arrange test-ride events frequently. You’ll find more information about our events on our Facebook-page.

Why Wheelström?

Wheelström is a Finnish electric bike company, that sells stylish and functional e-bikes for a reasonable price. This is done by eliminating middlemen and selling online, directly to the consumer.

The various parts in the Wheelström e-bikes are sourced from select manufacturers who are trusted and recognized within their respective fields. These include for example Samsung, Shimano, Tektro, Bafang and Kenda. This guarantees that maintenance and service of the bike is easy.

Is it easy to assemble a Wheelström e-bike?

If you order home delivery of your electric bike, you’ll get it partly assembled (90%).

The final assembly is really easy to do yourself, and estimated to take 10 – 15 minutes. Clear instructions will accompany the e-bike. You can also check out this brief video to see how the assembly is done.

Cargo e-bikes delivered to the customers’ homes are not assembled, and require more extensive assembly work. It’s estimated to take 2-3 hours, and requires two persons. We therefore recommend that cargo e-bikes are picked up assembled and ready to ride at our Guideshop or at our warehouse. If this however isn’t possible, clear instructions accompany the bike. You can also call us for further instructions.

Where are the Wheelström e-bikes produced and assembled?

The different parts on the bike are sourced from trusted and well-known manufacturers. Examples of these are Shimano gears and brakes, Bafang motors and Kenda tires. We get the bike parts mainly from China, where most bike component manufacturers have their production.

The Wheelström e-bikes are designed in Finland and assembled by hand in Salo, Finland. The factory in Salo has a long tradition of assembling bikes, and this guarantees that our bikes are assembled with care.

Our Gran Amigo cargo e-bikes are also assembled by hand at our warehouse in Helsinki.

Can you e-bike in the winter?

Yes, you can e-bike in the winter. Remember that the battery empties faster when it’s cold outside. It’s also good to store the battery indoors when you’re not biking. Biking in the winter will become a lot easier and safer if you change in to winter tires on your bike. This is easily done at most repair shops (here are a few that we recommend) as the tires on Wheelström e-bikes are of standard size.

Will I get exercise while e-biking?

Yes, definitely. It’s proven that you choose to bike more often when you have an e-bike, and you also choose your bike as a means of transport for longer routes. This way you’ll get a lot of exercise, even though you don’t have to work quite as much as while biking with a regular bike.

How long will the battery last if it’s fully charged?

When the battery is fully charged you can bike up to 50 km. The maximum distance you can bike depends on many factors, such as the surface your biking on, the assistance level you’re using, how often you break, and if you’re biking uphill or on flat ground.

How fast can I ride with an e-bike?

The legal maximum speed of an e-bike in the EU is 25 km/h, so the motor won’t assist you beyond this speed. You can however go faster by using muscle power.

What’s the lifespan of the battery? Can I buy them separately?

The battery will last 500 – 600 charging cycles, so this means that you can bike up to 30 000 km with the same battery. We also sell batteries separately if you want an extra one, or need a new one.

Does the e-bike work if the motor isn’t turned on?

An e-bike works like a regular bike if the electric assistance is turned off or if you choose  assistance level 0. This means that you’ll easily reach your destination, even if you run out of battery power.

How do you charge an e-bike?

You take out the battery from the battery case, and attach it to a charger. The charger has to be connected to a power outlet. The charger, and clear instructions, are included when you buy your e-bike. Please read the instructions before charging your e-bike for the first time.

Is an e-bike environmentally friendly?

Biking and e-biking produces significantly less greenhouse gases than driving a car does, and according to research e-biking is almost as environmentally friendly as regular biking.

Naturally the manufacturing of the e-bikes also have an impact on the environment. Because of this we track the production and transport processes carefully. All parts in our Wheelström e-bikes are sourced from select manufacturers who are trusted and recognized within their respective fields. The bikes are pre-assembled outside of Shanghai, by a company specialized in e-bikes. The final assembly and the quality check is done at our warehouse in Helsinki, from where we ship the bikes’ directly to the consumers.

Compared to other vehicles or means of transport, the amount of material used in e-bikes is small, so this also lowers the environmental impact. The frames are made of aluminum, which is a durable material that doesn’t rust. There are also great recycling systems for aluminum.

At Wheelström we invest in quality, so that the lifespan of the bike is as long as possible. A high quality e-bike encourages cutting down on car usage.

What laws apply to e-bikes? Do I need a separate insurance?

 The same laws apply as with regular bikes, so there’s no need for a separate insurance.



How do I take care of my e-bike?

Wheelström e-bikes require similar service as regular bikes. The first service should be done after about 300 km of biking. This you can do easily for example in one of the repair shops that we recommend. Almost any bike repair shop can help you with servicing your e-bike.

We also recommend taking your bike for a service check-up if you haven’t used it for a while, for example in the spring. Read more about service.

Can I return the product? How?

If you’re not happy with the product, you have the right to return it within 14 days. Contact us at:

Does Wheelström e-bikes have a warranty? 

Yes, the different parts of the bike have different warranties:

Motor: 1 year
Other electric parts: 1 year
Battery: 2 years
Frame: 5 years

Regarding right of complaint, we follow the effective rules and regulations based on consumer sales law in each country (Finland and Sweden).

Please keep the receipt for the purchase. Without the receipt, the warranty and the complaint right will be void. Please note that the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, and is not valid in cases where the safety precautions described in the handbook accompanying the e-bike have not been followed.

Please also note that the warranty and right of complaint are not valid if:

  • The e-bike has been used for other purposes than normal biking
  • You have made construction changes or changes in the electric system
  • The e-bike and/or the battery is not taken care of according to instructions

The provided warranty does not affect the consumer rights provided by law.



How do I get my e-bike? What’s your delivery time?

When you order your e-bike you can choose if you want home delivery, or if you pick up the bike at our Guideshop in Helsinki or at Second Hand Bike in Stockholm. When you pick up your bike at our Guideshop or at Second Hand Bike, the bike is assembled and ready to ride.

The deliveries are handled by our logistics partners, Posti in Finland, and DSV or PostNord in Sweden. Depending on where you live, the delivery takes 3-5 working days. Read more about deliveries.

Do you ship outside of Finland and Sweden?

Right now we unfortunately don’t. If you’re interested in a Wheelström e-bike, but live in a country where we don’t ship, please contact us at and we’ll do our best at finding a solution.



What’s the size of the frame on a Wheelström e-bike?

On the Kompis model the height of the frame is 50cm, and on the Kaveri model it’s 55cm.

Where do I find the frame number?

The frame number can be found in the frame underneath the handle bars, and on the first page of the instruction book that you got with your e-bike.

How do I get rid of old electric parts?

If you have broken electric parts or old batteries you can return them to us, and we’ll make sure that they are recycled in the correct way.

Is it possible to install a child seat on a Wheelström e-bike?

Yes. On Wheelström e-bikes you can install a child seat on the rear rack (width 15cm). The maximum weight is 25 kg. It you need help with choosing a suitable child seat, please contact us at: