E-bike Guide

An e-bike, or an electric bike is a bike that is equipped with an electric motor, that will assist you while you’re biking.

In the video bellow you can see how our e-bikes work:

On the Wheelström e-bikes the motor is placed in the front wheel, and the battery on the rear rack, so that the weight of the bike is in balance. You’re able to remove the battery easily for charging. When the battery is fastened to the bike, it’s best to lock it, so that it doesn’t fall off while you’re biking. You can easily check the charging level of the battery directly from the battery.

Our e-bikes are always equipped with a frame lock, and front- and backlights. The lights work with separate batteries, so that they’ll work even when you’re not using the electric assitance.

You’ll turn on the electric assistance by first activating the battery and then pressing the start button on the control unit that is placed on the handle bar. If the display dos not turn on, double-check that you’ve activated the battery.

When the electric assistance is turned on, you can adjust the assistans level by pressing the + and – buttons on the control unit. There are five assistance levels, so you can decide the level of assistance while you ride.

On the display unit, you can follow your assistance level, current speed, level of your battery and the overall distance ridden with the bike.

On the left-hand side of the handle bar you’ll find a walk assist function. Using the walk assist will make it easier to lead the bike uphill, or if you have a lot to carry.

The electric assistans only works when you pedal. The assistans will make biking feel extremely easy. The motor stops assisting if you stop pedalling or when you reach a speed above 25 km/h. Regular e-bikes, like our Wheelström e-bikes, don’t require any extra permissions or insurances.