Low-emission transport

Wheelström was born from the idea of making low-emission transport an affordable and easy option for everyone. This idea inspired us to create a basic range of well-designed and fun-to-ride electric bicycles, sold online.

By eliminating middlemen, and overseeing manufacturing and sales ourselves, we can offer quality electric bikes at sensible prices. To make it easy to learn more about our bikes, and to try them out, we showcase our products in places where people spend time or pass by anyway.

Wheelström Rina Sara Founders Perustajat Grundare

 A family business

Wheelström is a real family business, founded by two sisters, Rina and Sara Raikamo.

Leading busy lives in the city, we have a real understanding of the importance of getting efficiently from one place to the other in and around the city during the day. This doesn’t only mean efficiency in terms of time and costs – but also in terms of environmental impacts.

The idea of Wheelström came to life when our father  – a lifelong entrepreneur who has always been fascinated by everything motorised – overheard one of our conversations. We quickly agreed that we needed to make something new happen!

Wheelström factory fabrik tehdas

Assembled with care

Wheelström e-bikes are pre-assembled just outside of Shanghai, by a company specialising in electric bicycles. The company was founded by Kevin, a dedicated electrical engineer, who at an early age decided to combine his passion for electronics with China’s strong tradition as the world’s oldest and largest biking nation. Final assembly and quality check takes place in Helsinki.

The various parts of the bikes are sourced from select manufacturers who are trusted and recognised within their respective fields. Example fittings include Shimano gears, Samsung batteries and Kenda tyres.