A Winter Biker’s Guide

Sarah Brunow | November 27, 2018 | My Wheelström

Winter is coming, or so we’ve heard… But that should not stop an e-biker (or any biker for that matter), that’s why we want to share our best winter e-biking tips with you!

1. Change to winter tires

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re so good at biking that you don’t need winter tires. Biking on slippery slushy roads can be dangerous, and losing control happens surprisingly easily, especially when biking in high speed.

2. Turn on the lights

If no one can see you, your winter tires aren’t going help you much. That’s why lights on your bike is an absolute must during the darker months. And please, do remember to use them!

3. Put on clothes

We’re very well aware of how cold it can get outside in the winter, and that it doesn’t always make biking a pleasant experience. The fact is though, that you’ll freeze your ass off anyway, and that’s why an e-bike is so great – it will get you quickly to your destination!

To make the experience a more pleasant one, we do recommend layered clothing and especially, warm shoes and gloves. And here’s a secret for you – long johns are for the cool kids!

4. Take care of your battery

Like your cell phone battery, the e-bike battery will also give up faster when it’s cold outside. Remember to charge your battery often, and don’t leave it outside in the cold. You don’t want to come back to a disappointing surprise, and a much slower and tougher ride home.

5. Hot drinks

A true pro tips is to bring your own thermos flask with something warm to zip on while waiting in the traffic lights, this will guarantee you a comfy ride and a lot of glances from envious bystanders!

P.s. This should go without saying, but always wear a helmet! And wear it like a crown, we know it might not always look pretty, but it will save you from unnecessary injuries, and make you look smart. Win-win.


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